July 9, 2013

Fourth of July at the Lake: Recap!

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Fourth of July at the lake!

John Caleb and his watermelon.

Splashing with aunts!

Going tubing!

Rocking our "sockings!"

Mega splash fight!

Jack Henry pulled up the chairs and let John Caleb fish with him.  :)

The "little girls" all wrapped up.

Trying to stick landings on the tube!
John Caleb jet skiing for the first time.
The fisherman!  He got in the lake, like, three or four times over the three days we were there.  The rest of the time he was fishing. He is my diligent and patient guy!
Can't wait until next year!
P.S.  Made Sally's Chocolate Chunk Cookies (softest and chewiest!) and everyone kept asking how I got them so soft!  They were gone before any other cookie.  Try them, they are the best!
How was everyone else's Fourth of July?

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