March 31, 2013

Third Times The Charm: "Guacamole Cheesecake"

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Since tomorrow is April Fool's Day, here is a recipe to keep your family guessing.
This is a pretty traditional Mexican looking spread, huh?

We've got our tomatoes, our black beans, our sweet corn . . . oh we've even got tortilla chips!

And the star of the show?

Guacamole!  Or is it . . .

This time, my avocado dessert is going to proudly remain its original color.  No cocoa powder today! This was originally going to be a St. Patrick's Day recipe, but I dropped the ball that week . . . and this week with Easter . . . and technically this week with April Fool's because our family doesn't even celebrate it.  However, if you are a joke playing family, serve this with the sugar (not salt!) dusted tortilla chips as an appetizer and enjoy their flabbergasted reaction.  This does taste like cheesecake.   It doesn't taste like guacamole. Really and truly.  This gives you a great excuse to eat dessert for dinner!   

"Guacamole Cheesecake" Dip
Inspired by this recipe.

1  large ripe avocado
1 tbsp milk
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp flour
1 tbsp vanilla
2 oz. cream cheese, cut into 1 inch chunks

Tortilla Chips:
2-3 eight inch tortillas (I used whole wheat)
Spray butter (or melted butter)
1 tbsp. sugar

Cut tortillas into strips and spray (or brush) butter on.  Sprinkle with sugar and bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes or until crispy.  (I had to broil mines at the end to get them crunchy.)

Blend avocado, milk, sugar, flour, and vanilla in food processor (I used our little food chopper) until smooth.  Add cream cheese and blend until smooth.

Notes:  Because this contains avocado, it will turn brown if left out long.  I suggest serving immediately or covering it with saran wrap sprayed with oil or lemon juice.

Because guacamole is not a very pretty dish, it makes this easy to fake!  But you know, anything fake has to have some truth in it otherwise we wouldn't fall for it.  Guacamole is creamy and green and so is this recipe.  However, upon tasting it, one would be able to tell its NOT guacamole.  That's what I think we have to do.  Before accepting something as truth, we need to hear, taste, and touch it before we embrace it.  Too many things look good on the outside.  Its the inside that counts.  However, that being said, don't go ruin everyone's April Fool's Day be analyzing everything.  Assuming the pranks will be good humored, its okay to be gullible.  Just make sure to have some of your own up your sleeve.  Like this dip, for starters.  Or my baklava sauce that turned out like congealed blood.  *shiver!*  

Any April Fool's Day traditions?  We haven't in the past, but I've seen food ideas for Banana Bread Lasagna and Mashed Potato Cookies that I might try this year.  Since I don't have a track record, my family might not even notice until its too late!  Are you known as the "April Fool's Day Queen" in your family?

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  1. Now THAT is a fun April Fools joke. And a delicious one, at that! It'd be hard to keep it a joke for more than one person, though, once they reacted to the surprising taste!


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