March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

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I wished you all a happy Easter last post, but I will again just because this weekend symbolizes so much joy! Without Easter, there would be no freedom and no hope. Don't we serve an awesome God? I mean, how incredible it was that someone was willing to die for the very people who rejected him. I love Natalie Grant's song "Alive." There are so many verses that blow me away. Like "He who breathed a trail of galaxies ... Would dream of me?" Or "what kind of king ... Would choose to wear a crown that bleeds and scars ... To win my heart?"


Sometimes I make a list if all the things Jesus is just to remind myself of how big He is. Kind if like Moses and Job's pep talks with God.

Who created man? Who gave him mouth to speak? Who designed the world?


Who gave the promise of nations to Abraham? Who parted the Red Sea? Who defeated Goliath?


Who shut the lions' mouths? Who lifted Esther to royalty? Who rescued Jonah from the belly of a whale?


Who let us beat up His only child? Who put us first and died so that our one way ticket to eternal death could be traded for eternal security? Who conquered death once and for all?


My finite, prideful mind often forgets how big God is and how little I am. And how much love it takes to love me.

Recently, I learned that without Easter there would be no Christianity. Everything hinges on the miracle of this season. Since this is such a vital part of Christianity, it was rewarding to listen and learn last week about how history and archeology and common sense prove Jesus' resurrection. But I personally have to be careful with those kind of facts. My black and white mindset wants to prove my point as right, with all the logistics and stats. But facts don't change people's hearts; love does. And Jesus knew that. That's why He sacrificed His life instead of slamming us on everything we were doing wrong (and He had every right to do so!). A heart project for this Easter would to let my actions reflect more than my mouth, because I want my relationship with Jesus not to be noticed because of my arguments on creation or resurrections, but because my heart is slowly being made in the image if a humble, forgiving and loving, living God. My security in Jesus is enough, even without historical evidence. And I think our goal as Christians is to have our lives be enough for others, without pointing out their belief flaws.

Whether with family or friends, here or visiting, I wish you a happy Easter!


  1. This is beautiful, Mary Frances. So true! I loved your thoughts:) Happy Easter!

  2. II Corinthians 15 tells us about how necessary Jesus' resurrection is for our hope and salvation! Without it, we are "the most pitiable among men."


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