February 23, 2013

One Ingredient Ice Cream

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I have found my new toy.  No, it isn't my brother's Nerf gun, although it is pretty cool. I discovered the joy of our food processor! My mom rarely uses it because she does not cleaning it.  However as long as clean it, I am free to use it as I wish.  It is my new best friend!

In the kitchen, I mean.

I love it.  And I have found so many things to do with it!  You can blend nuts, dates, Oreos, coconut flakes, and more! 

Banana, frozen, ice cream

The other thing to use your food processor for is old bananas. Forget banana bread!  And the fact that it is less than 40 degrees outside.  Or that we just had a blizzard.  You can eat ice cream any time of the year. Right now you might have to use your imagination, maybe work up a sweat dancing around the kitchen while the bananas are blending. Its okay to leap for joy because this is the easiest and fastest way to get ice cream.   Now, warning, this has been called  ice cream, but to be honest, it doesn't taste exactly like ice cream. That said, it is still super creamy and sweet and with some add ins, equally as decadent as ice cream.   

banana, frozen, ice cream

It's easy to customize. I advise adding a little bit of milk just to mellow the banana flavor and thin it out. Then you can go crazy. Add strawberries or peanut butter (not together) or make it my favorite; chocolate.  Some cocoa powder and milk is divine.  Or, top it with chocolate syrup, like the above photo.  And all this requires is freezing some banana slices and then throwing them into the food processor.  Well, that is is you don't snack on some first.  The slices are like little ice cream bites.  Yum. 

I froze 2 1/2 bananas (but I ate about half of one, so this is two bananas.)  Toss it in and turn it on!  It will look crumbly, but keep going.  Once it is gets to the 4th step, add a little milk to get the smooth result.  (Technically, you could use only bananas, thus the "one ingredient" title, but it is way better with the milk.  You only need a couple teaspoons.)  Keep blending and soon it will turn into this!  Refreshing "ice cream" without having to go to the store.

One Ingredient Ice Cream

Slice the banana(s).
Freeze for at least an hour.
Blend . . .

dairy free, one ingredient, banana ice cream

This is almost all of what the recipe yields.  I have been doing this for about a year and was going to save this for summer, but one of my friends told me she didn't know this trick and I couldn't deprive her now, could I? 

 Dig in and enjoy! In our case, maybe you should go find a heater or fireplace!


  1. Wow, this look incredible. Definitely on my to-do list

  2. I assume I am the friend who didn't know about this? :) I'm so glad you posted about this, though! And I agree... ice cream can be eaten year round. I love reading your blog because of the yummy recipes and how you make them so engaging to read!!!

  3. Okay, now THAT looks just amazing! I have bananas but, sadly, no food processor. :( I'm going to have to invest in one someday (or at least a blender!).


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