February 25, 2013

This Post Is Not Contagious

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You know you are sick when:
It hurts to stay in bed
The wall has to catch you
All the stories you read while trying to distract yourself won't filter out and pack your head so full it throbs
When laughing and coughing sound and hurt the same

My mom got it first ... And then Stephen ... And then Elizabeth ... And then me. I tried to avoid it, but as bad as my family can be about sharing toys of CDs or food, they can't help but be generous with their sickness. For two days, I did nothing but lay around.  I'm so glad God let it to be on a weekend because I was out. I despise having a fever. Am I the only one who has ever wished I looked as hot as I felt while having a fever? I realized you can be negative about how bad you feel or you can laugh about it, by thinking things like, "you know the reason I'm walking so slow? Its because my body is melting my bones." Or, "don't waste gas by turning on the stove! Come fry that egg on my forehead . . . you won't have to worry about it being over easy, that's for sure."

A downside of being sick (one of MANY) is that nothing sounds good to eat. Especially when your throat and chest are on fire. That when my awesome friend Hannah generously brought us rolls, broth and a card. Hannah is an equally avid baker, as you all know, and chose to bless us with food. Wow. Those rolls were incredible. One of the best things I had eaten. They were thick, dense, and I thought they were honey and whole wheat. I could've been wrong (tastebuds outta whack and all that) but I asked her for the recipe and was right!

My mom added noodles, carrots, and chicken.

Does that look amazing or what? 

Those rolls (and smoothies) . . . oh so good.  This is the recipe she used, however she added more honey and added olive oil and a little more flour to compensate for the extra liquid.  She thought they were too dense, I thought they were heaven.

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  1. Sorry you are sick! Hope you get better! Those rolls and soup look DELICIOUS!

  2. Oh my, sounds like it was more than just a fever and a sore throat... I'm so sorry. So you're feeling better now? Anyone still sick? I HOPE your mom is recovered by now. She's had this thing for quite a while. I cannot wait until your next post Is that... chocolate cheesecake??

    1. Yes and yes:) Stephen and Elizabeth are doing the worst, the rest of us just have little energy. And yes that is chocolate cheesecake, but a new ingredient . . . nothing like avocado though:)

  3. Those rolls do look amazing! And I'm glad you can still make us smile with your stories about sickness, though I am very sorry to hear about the misery!


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