March 19, 2014

Blogging: What Is Going On?

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Hey everyone!

So, you might be wondering why the color scheme, header, and stuff is constantly changing. 

If I had a shorter answer (like, I'm just bored!) I would give it to you.

I'm trying to move to Wordpress and right now, I'm just trying to find a person to transfer this Blogger blog to a self hosted Wordpress blog.  Every day is a test of patience, waiting to see if that person emailed me back or not.  Once I decide to do something, I want to it to happen as soon as possible.

I'm learning nothing in blogging works that way!

To keep myself from going crazy, I've been doing lots of research.  On one side, it is great this is taking longer than I thought because I have learned SO much about Wordpress, Blogger, self hosting, and the works.  Buuuuut it is also testing my patience.  Which means I'm kind of a pain in the neck right now.  Sitting and waiting makes me feel unproductive and out of it.  I am Type A and I hate that.

So, while I was perusing Pinterest on moving from Blogger to Wordpress tips, I came across a post encouraging you to pin layouts, color schemes, etc. that you think you want for your new blog.  Finally, something I can do right now!  It has been a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it.  And now I'm testing out what I found and think I like on this blog. 

Feel free to offer feedback, tips, ideas about moving, hosting, designing - I'll take them!  Just wanted to let you know if the header changes between visits, you aren't going crazy.  I just am ;)

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