December 13, 2013

Things I'm Loving {#9}

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Highlights of this week!

Luke's first basketball game!  I had heard JH scores from previous years and rolled my eyes. Seven points?  That's it?  Ok, speak not of what you know not; I was so impressed and into the game!  There was actually action, unlike volleyball, there is running and passing regardless of points scored.  Although it wasn't high scoring, it was exciting. Luke was on such a high after the hand and Luke is my mellow guy. It was so fun and sweet to see him excited.

He's not going to like me showing you a pic, but then again, I don't even think he knows I blog, so it really doesn't matter. :)  My little guy is old enough to play basketball - I was just in seventh grade!  What is this?!

Kerrie Roberts.  Her song "What Are You Afraid Of?" is amazing. I found it thanks to Chloe, who recommended another one if her songs. It is a keeper!  If you're in a Christmas mood (aren't we all?) her version of "O Holy Night" is another one I have on repeat - a lot.

Baby headbands. This one is from Crazy Eight. Me and a friend decided we liked the softer flowers or embellishments were much cuter than the stiff ones. I've had so much fun trying headbands on Rebekah!

Butter socks. These are so soft!  And aren't they adorable?  One if my TnT clubbers gave them to me as a Christmas present. Isn't she sweet?  And aren't these so fun?  They are so comfy. 

No more English or piano!  I'll be finished with geometry, history, and physics next week.

43 degree weather.  It was actually above freezing!  I was in three quarter sleeves and comfortable.  And I can practice jump serves without my fingers freezing ... it is impossible to play volleyball when your fingers are numb.  And then your skin gets dry. That is something I'm NOT loving. Dry skin, ugh, it is the worst.  But Warner weather?  Yes please! 

Experiencing God Devotional. This devotional has challenged me on so many areas. And this guy is spot on about everything. He has forced me to not just get the concepts, but find areas in my life right now, to apply them.  Like, it was talking about Moses, and how his obedience was costly to those around him.  It made me think of the Israelites in a new light.  They had to trust that Moses, who had just entered the scene, really had heard from God and God was going to deliver them, even though their workload was being doubled because of Moses' obedience.  Those who chose to trust in Moses really had a lot of faith in God.  He keeps talking about how faith must have obedience and obedience always means adjustment.  And that adjustment will cost you something.  I also hate/love that it makes you write down a commitment.  I just want to be like, "Oh yeah, adjustment and obedience is great!" not "I am going to adjust this _________."  I definitely recommend. 

All of these recipes sound absolutely incredible!
Honey Apple Challah from The Law Student's Wife. Sweet bread fanatic right here. This bread - wow. 
Butterscotch Gingersnap Molasses Cookies  from Blahnik Baker.  Three incredible flavors all in one soft and chewy cookie. I was sold!
Creamy Artichoke Spinach and Chicken Soup from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice. Does this sound like me or what?  Spinach, artichoke, and chicken. I cannot explain how much I like the sound of this soup. No words. 

Can you believe it's less than two weeks until Christmas?  Craziness!
Mary Frances 


  1. Elanor has some fun headbands, too. I do prefer the soft flowers. And you're glad there is no more English?? :)

  2. I don't get it... you're done with piano and english forever? or just until next term? Your school system is so different from ours ;-) Anyways, I hope you do well in your exams!
    And stay warm, Mary Frances! It's so cold here that it makes it impossible to run :--(

  3. Thanks for sharing girl!! I def want to get that Devotional... I want a new one for the new year :) Also... baby headbands are so adorable!! thanks!

  4. Good luck with your exams, and I hope you get some time soon to start enjoying all the holiday fun!

  5. Goodluck with exams dear!! Those headbands are cute :). And nooooo Christmas is too soon. I have been crippled today by fear of how much I have to do. Instead I am catching up on my favorite blogs :)

  6. That headband is adorable!!! I have been having so much fun clothes shopping for my baby niece :)

  7. Rebekah is darling! Love the headband! Enjoy your school break and thank-you so much for mentioning my soup!


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