August 10, 2013

Novel: Meet Aubria

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Trivia Time!  Maybe you don't know, but I really enjoy writing. I haven't had as much time the last school year, but this summer, I have been able to put in a lot of work.  I have always loved to read, so writing was just adding to that. I took a creative writing course that had been able to equip me for doing it my own and I love it. It is so fun creating your own world. It is so fun creating your own characters. Getting to see their history and problems come together with the main plot is so rewarding. I can't wait to share some of the chapters, but for now, I'm going to adopt a strategy we learned in our creative writing class and interview my main character.  This time we are going to talk about my main character.  Next time we might meet the ally or go over the villain or the synopsis. Who knows?  Let's throw on a dress (or trousers:) and eat with Aubria during break. 

She sat cross legged on the ground next to a fire, it's job to cook the bread on a pan. Aubria gnawed on some cooled bread and talked with a woman that appeared slightly older than her. 
"Here, Calysse, let me help you serve."
I walked towards them, flashing a hesitant smile.
She looked up, her long brown hair blowing in the breeze. "Want some bread and cheese?"
"Yes please. Thank you. Mind if I sit?"
She swallowed and shook her head. "Go ahead. We have lots of time since the master is gone."
Gesturing to the fire, I asked, "Do you help cook?"
"No,"she laughs. "But I used to always help Deja serve."  A wistful look covered her face, but she quickly replaced it with indifference.  "Stubborn woman, but I loved her."
"Not as stubborn as you, Aubria."  A young man strode over and chuckled. "Deja didn't come close to you."  He ran his fingers through his sweaty blonde hair and smiled at me. "I'm Kurt.  You new?"
I squirmed. "I guess."
He crouched next to the fire, which was dying to a faint flicker. "Aubria and I are from the same town."
"Were," Aubria corrected. "We were taken away by the Raven Guard. Deja was my parent's cook. She made incredible rolls."
Kurt bit into a chunk of bread and made a face. "Way better than this."  
Aubria held out her hand. "We'll if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it."
I stifled a laugh. "Uh, Raven Guard?"
"Yeah," Aubria shot a curious glance my way. 
"This is their camp?"
"Hang on," Calysse interrupted. "How did you get here if you weren't captured?"
"I just walked in," I answered, blush creeping up my face. 
"How'd you make it through the guards?"  It was Kurt this time. 
"I don't know."  I ducked my head. 
Out if the corner of my eye, I noticed Aubria shoot Kurt a look. "Never mind that. I assume you've heard about the Raven Guard and how they're opposing the Capitol and all that, but this is their camp which no one can find."
"How did you get here?" I asked Aubria. 
"Well," she heaved a sigh. "I wanted to audition for a queen's aide but my parents didn't want me to. I thought if I were an aide, my musical talents would finally be appreciated. I would be someone."  She was looking off into the distance. "I snuck off to the auditions where the Raven Guard captured me."  She shook her head, as if waking herself. "And il be here until the Raven Guard decides to attack the Capitol."
I didn't say anything as everyone chewed in silence. Glancing around the clearing, I was surprised to see an exquisite piano.  "What is a piano doing here?"
They all exchanged glances. "The master chooses a girl each night to play for him. Please him and you're safe. Don't please him ..."  Her voice trailed off. I bit my lip and redirected the question. "Could you play it now?"  
"Oh no!"  Aubria said. 
"Why not?"  Kurt piped up. 
"Because," Aubria protested lowly. "What if he noticed?"  
"The master is gone."  Calysse pointed out. 
"Yeah," Kurt added. "There is something so," I could tell he was struggling to find the right words. "Special about your playing, Aubria." 
Aubria leaned close to Kurt. "We both know you're better. And we both know I don't want to play."
They eyed each other for a couple moments until Kurt lowered his gaze. "M'kay Aubria."  He cracked a smile. "Told you you were stubborn."
Her face softened. "Stubbornness got me nowhere.  I ran for the capitol and trapped myself in a secret camp with an elusive leader who's home in the tunnel no one has seen.  And I'll have to play for him at some point."  Fear flickered in her emerald eyes.  Then she sarcastically continued, "it's almost as good as playing for the queen."
Calysse sniffed. "The queens aides are no better off than you are now, trust me."  She offered Aubria her hand and Aubria took it. Then she helped me to my feet and I was surprised by her strong and calloused grip. A bugle sounded through the forest. "Breaks over," Aubria explained.  "You want to come with me?"
I shook my head. "I'll just stay here for now."  
Eying me dubiously, she advised, "alright, but avoid the guards."
"I will," I promised. 
Calysse finished wrapping the load of bread. "Do you play the piano?"
"A little."
"Then be extra careful," Aubria added, slinging a bag onto her shoulder. "If you get found and chosen to play, you might never get out of here. Ever."
She and Kurt walked off and Calysse handed me the loaf.  "Good to meet you."  Then she hurried off towards her next job, leavingme one with the breeze and a dying fire. 


  1. This was so fun to read!! Especially since I know your story and have read it! or, most of it. Great job!! Nice added details with the surroundings and how the characters moved and interacted.

    1. Coming from the novel professional, that means a lot! Describing body language can be really easy or really hard - today it was easier!:)

  2. Your writing is so good! I loved this piece of the novel and I'm so looking forward to reading more *-*

    1. Aw thank you! You are so sweet. I'm really enjoying writing it and will have more soon!

  3. You are soooooooo talented! LOVE this! I'll buy the book!


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