July 15, 2013

Frozen Fruit Skewers

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Last week, it. Was. Hot.

Like, 105 degrees hot. Like, I was sweating and I was in the garage in the shade doing nothing. Well, nothing but eating these skewers, but that doesn't deserve a soaked shirt that makes me look like I've been working out or something like that. Seriously, do some people go shopping or eat out in their sweaty workout clothes  just so people will know they've been working out? Because I think it's mostly unattractive and often rude. I don't want to see or smell your sweat, thank you very much, even if you can flex your biceps by carrying those huge bags of dog food.  Sure, you've got the Nike shorts and Nike socks and the Nike muscles, but in their sweaty state?  I could pass. You're not proving much to me!

Sorry, I ate at Chipotle next to some sweaty guys who thought they were pretty cool. Dudes, you're about to implode you're so full of yourselves. (Bible study girls?!)  

Wow, that was a bunny trail!  Back to sweating while sitting in the shade. It's worth it when you have these to eat.  These are so simple, it is almost embarrassing to post this, but post it I will. 

This is fruit.  On a stick.

That is it.

The reason I chose grapes and pineapple is because they don't turn hard as rock when frozen. These aren't for nawing on, but enjoying! 

Abigail was my helper with these. She carefully stuck each piece on, trying to imitate me (bad idea, since I was just stabbing them on ... sound familiar?  I was basically teaching her use her hands on a really pointy metal stick and jab fruit on it again and again. 

My mom has been telling my three younger siblings this a lot. You are an excellent teacher. Be a teacher of excellent things.  It is often in a situation where Stephen or Elizabeth is yelling or running in the house or being a pest. You don't have to teach good things to be an effective teacher. What you do has influence. It reminds of a session at Worldview about leadership. Leadership is influence. We all have it somewhere and we are all capable of being a leader. Age, personality, or accomplishments do not hinder leadership abilities, even though our culture will tell you otherwise.
It made me think. Am I teacher or a leader of excellent things?  Is my example one of excellence?  Is excellence even my goal? It's easy for me to strive for excellence in academics and sports, but I find it much harder when itcomes  to family. Excellence in treating my siblings well is hard. I have no lack of younger siblings ... Am I teaching them how to be a loving big sister or am I teaching them how to lose tempers and tear down (or anniilate fruit.)  Maybe the better question is, do I care enough to teach the right stuff or is it too hard?  
I am a teacher.  You are a teacher. It may be big stuff. It might be little stuff. But you have influence and you are teaching someone something.
One if the ways I have been convicted in is how I spend my time with my siblings. Or, should I say, lack of time. I would rather read a book or walk by myself or peruse pinterest than do something with them. But, as my high school years draw to a close, the realization that my time with them is limited really sunk in. Theywill  remember what I do. Do I want my memory to be of me walking the driveway by myself or do I want them to remember me playing baseball or doing coloring pages with them?  It initially felt like a waste of time and didn't feel as fun. But it's not. It builds trust. They want to do what I do. We have fun together. They give me huge hugs when I leave and when I come back. No, I don't always want them around, but I treasure the time with all my siblings even if I often fail in showing it. I'm a teacher. They are teachers!  And hopefully they'll teach my even younger siblings not to stick fruit on sharp objects like I did!  
Okay, (in case any if you were concerned) in all seriousness, this is not dangerous. It's all in the sake of a point. And not a metal one. These are truly way amazing and way safe. :)

Frozen Fruit Skewers 
Recipe Soirce: The Sweet {Tooth} Life
Yield: 10+ long skewers 

1 can (20 oz) pineapple chunks 
1-2 cups red seedless grapes
1-2 cups green seedless grapes

Drain pineapple juice and set aside (for another use)  Put grapes and pineapples on skewers and freeze for at least 3 hours. 


  1. Yum! Sometimes simple things are the best things :)

  2. These look absolutely delicious! One hundred percent! I loved the last picture, it's so cute! :) :) and I've also been thinking about playing with my siblings and being with them more too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

    1. Aw thanks Chloe! But I know what a good sister you are! Being the oldest is a challenge, but worth it.

  3. I LOVE frozen fruit and do it always with my grapes! :)

    1. Me and my brother tried freezing our grapes a couple years ago and have been doing it since!


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