June 18, 2013

Worldview Academy: The Best Week Of Your Life

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I was able to go to worldview leadership academy a couple weeks ago. Although I was suspicious if their claims that it is the best week of your life and that there is no leadership camp like it on the planet, I was blown away and living proof that it is that and more. Worldview challenged me in so many ways. It challenged me to find new friends. My usual group of friends weren't there and I was forced to talk with other people. I often assume others don't want me because I'm younger or not as experienced etc. but I learned not everyone I thought was alumni was, and those that were, were welcoming and encouraging.  Not only did I force myself to initiate conversation with strangers at camp, I had the opportunity to do it with strangers on the street. I will admit, despite being called a "go getter," I was a little nervous. Once we did it though, I was so ready for more. I'll share about one young man who actually stopped us and asked what we were doing. We were happy to explain and asked him the question, what do you think happens when you die. 

I'm not an openly emotional person. I tend to mask feelings. However, hearing how hopeless this young man's life was based in what he believed made my heart hurt. He believed in reincarnation because he wanted to be an eagle do he could fly away from life.  He didn't want to be a person. We learned he had been involved in done pretty bad stuff and was running from someone - I understood his disgust with life. I had taken a worldview course this past school year and learned in depth about other beliefs, but no book or video clip could show me the pain of searching for fulfillment in this world.  I am pretty unmerciful and black and white and I branded those people as crazy. Meeting him and talking to him opened my eyes to my judgmental attitude that hurts God's heart even more than mine could hurt. Worldview showed me not only can I evangelize, I need to ... and I want to. 
Worldview was more than thoughts about God, it was thoughts about family and emotions and how I treat guys and authorites.  Affirmation in others strengths isn’t condemning your own.  Everybody has strentghs and everyone can be a leader.
Spending most of the week with my small group gave me the opportunity to get to know the girls deeply. It was such  a special opportunity to learn, talk, laugh and sometimes cry with the same group. My small group leaders were in a nutshell, passionate, genuine, and both had hearts overflowing with love and joy. We got to have one on one with one with our small group leaders during one of the meals, we got to have a bible study and hash over time in the afternoon with our group, and they even sang in the halls after lights out. 

The lectures were incredible. Our speakers were this awesome mix of hilarious, wise, and personable. There wasn't pressure to remember every single thing, only to think deeply about what you were hearing.  One lecture by Dell Cook challenged us to get married now, have children now – practice how we would treat our spouses now, preparing to live as parents of children we want to grow up as respoinsible and godly and loyal, not just obedient, adults.  Deep stuff, but definitely important to apply. What I practice now will not just magically stop when I hit a certain age.  Another favorite compared charismatic leaders vs. character driven leaders. Very convicting. 

And we got free time! The first day, I think I played sand volleyball for two and a half hours. It was so. Much. Fun. And there was this constant color team competitiont.  It's finale was Thursday afternoon with team cheers and relay, not to mention the traditional staff vs. campers ultimate frisbee game. 

The biggest thing I will take away from worldview is (I'm going back next year!) that I cannot judge books by their cover.   People are not their exterior. People are the souls and personalities and values inside.  Also, mentors and people who are older and you can go to are so important.  Worldview was incredible for so many reasons and left me wanting more.

Here is my small group photo and hopefully, they will post the end of the week video soon!  Here is the camp video!  Our photographer was really talented!




  1. Yay!!! I've been waiting for this post! I found the picture... it took a while but it was fun seeing the faces of everyone! I want to know all of the names of the people in your group, now! :) Also, I love, love, loved all your honest thoughts about your fears and expectations, etc. You made me want to come! :)

    1. Thank you Hannah! This post definitely took a while to write. Oh, thanks for the heads up about the link - I'm fixing that! Yes, I can't wait until next year! Hope you can come:)

    2. Well, I could tell you spent a lot of time on it, and it showed. It was a super enjoyable post. And it was so good to hear even more about your experience! Yes, Mom wants me to go and I think it sounds fun. It's a ways off, so nothing final, but it definitely sounds appealing!

  2. I agree with Hannah, I WANT TO GO!!! I alrady did, just a little bit, before, but now you've really made me want to!! :) :) Thank you for being so honest, as usual it was very engaging and fun to read.

    1. Aw, thank you Chloe! That means a lot. One of the reasons it was amazing was the fact that it forced me to be honest and think. Can't wait to hear about OYAN!

  3. This looks great and so much fun!


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