March 11, 2013

Secret "Fudge Brownie" Bars

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Did you know bananas get jealous?  Mine do.  Really jealous.  "Why does the avocado get to hang out with the cocoa powder all the time?  I want a black coat like the avocado's and I need to meet the cocoa powder.  Why can't I go over to the cocoa powder's side of the kitchen?  I always have to play with the apples.  It's just not fair!"

Really banana, get over yourself and be grateful.  Your side of the kitchen looks just like the avocado's.  Also, he's kind of a shady fellow, with that black coat and all.  Why don't you like your yellow coat?  It's so bright and sunny!  Can't you just be grateful for what you've got?

So, I, being the good kitchen overseer that I am, let the banana hang out with the cocoa powder.  And the dates.  And the almonds.  And it was a party!  A party in my mouth.

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These are delicious.  The bottom layer is dense and slightly chewy while the top layer is super smooth and fudgy.  The nuts add a nice crunch in contrast to the frosting like top layer, combining to create a sweet treat with no flour or sugar.  Truly, if brownies could be healthy, these would be the ones.

Secret "Fudge Brownie" Bars
Adapted from FitSugar.  These are more like chocolate frosted Larabars, which is still really good, but these and these are true brownies.

6 oz pitted dates
1/2 cup almonds
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tsp.. vanilla

2 ripe bananas
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp instant coffee

Soak dates in warm water for 30 minutes.  Grind nuts until fine in food processor.  Drain dates and add to nuts.  Blend.  Gradually add cocoa powder and vanilla until mixture pulls together and is well blended.  Press into 9x9 pan.  Clean food processor.  Now, blend bananas, peanut butter and honey until smooth.  Add cocoa powder and coffee and blend again until smooth.  Pour over date mixture and freeze until firm (6+ hours for me.)  Cut into squares and freeze leftovers.

Note:  My bananas were really big, so you could taste a little of the banana.  If your bananas are bigger, I would use less banana or add more cocoa powder and peanut butter.  Once frozen though, the banana flavor mellows out, tasting a lot like this "ice cream."

brownies with almonds, healthiest brownies, two layer brownies

Okay, the scene about Mr. Banana wanting to hang out with the avocado and his black coat  is fictional.  But the concept is not.

I believe as girls, one of the things we are most discontent with is how we look. We are often jealous of other’s appearances.  But there is a deeper issue.  Jealousy is saying we don’t believe God’s promises are enough. He says "Mary Frances, you are fearfully and wonderfully made," but we choose to let the magazines define our worth, saying "God, I’m not wonderful unless I look like her." Harsh? Yes. True? Sadly yes. I sometimes wonder why God offers us grace after we’ve shoved it back in His face. "No, I want to do it my way. You say beauty is in my heart, but I want my beauty to be in my face, body, or attitude . . . not my heart. That’s not important in our culture."  Jealousy is lack of trust in God.

So what do we do with jealousy?  I wish it was as easy as saying, "Mary Frances, you're just not going to be jealous today."  It doesn't quite work that way.  In order to overcome jealousy, I think we have to look at our priorities.  Why am I jealous?  Is it because I'm ungrateful?  Is it because I place a lot of emphasis on looks?  And then look at things that make you feel jealous.  I'm going specifically off of looks, but if pictures spark jealousy, step away from the pictures.  Turn away, move on.

And at the core, it is a mental battle.  In order to overcome jealousy, you must look for things to be grateful for instead of focusing on what you don't have.  I touched a little on this in
this post about thankfulness
 and I really should do it more often.  Instead of focusing on what we don't have, we must look at we do.  Even if it means being grateful for the sunshine instead of wishing I had that donut pan.  I've got to choose to be grateful for my yellow coat and apples.


  1. Love how the top is cute and then you apply it to real life about how we think/say about ourselves. Always gotta remind myself that God made me just the way he wanted to!

  2. You used PRUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it WORKED!!! So wish I could have been there! How exiting!!! Love, love, LOVE your thoughts at the end. So applicable, and I needed this... like,today. So perfect timing and a total thumbs up.Hmmm, I'm thinking about getting prunes! :) P.S. Your bannana avacoado jealousy thing was cute, too! :)

    1. * Oops, all that and they were dates! :) Still, VERY exciting,though! :)

    2. Haha, I didnt notice till you said something! :DDDD

    3. Hannah, I had a panic attack that I had typed it wrong! You made me smile though:)

    4. I had the panic attack!!!!!!!!! I realized I had gone on and on about... prunes!!! I felt horrible!!! I knew I was a ditz, but it's nice if I can avoid being one in writing.:) Still, I WAS super excited about this post.

  3. I was thinking about just making plain brownies for dessert for my company this weekend, but no way can that happen after seeing all of these amazing recipes! Do you usually make up these recipes or tweak recipes from other people or what?

    1. Depends . . . this one was adapted, but often Pinterest provides a lot of ideas. I know *enough* to make up my own, but it takes trial and error!


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