December 18, 2012


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At the Bright Lights Tea, our speaker spoke about gratitude.  She quoted, "Its not the situation, but your reaction to the situation that matters."  She reminded us, as women and young ladies, that our attitude affects the household's atmosphere.  We can be grateful, even when the circumstances are painful.  One of the practical ways we can cultivate giving thanks in all circumstances is to make a list of things we are thankful for - and not just every other year.  Hannah inspired me with her blog post and reminded me to make that list, not put it off until I have time (a.k.a. never).  But instead of following her's exactly, I'll try to be a little creative.  Also, I think this is especially applicable since this is the season to look for what we want, not what we have.

I will choose to be grateful for:

~John Caleb digging through my CDs because that means I have a little brother.  In China, our family would have ended long before John Caleb.

~My Mom reprimanding me because that means she cares and loves me enough to correct my straying off the path.

~The truffles taking two hours to make because that means I have time to bake.  In other countries, girls my age are in slavery or running their own households.

~The socks needing to be folded because that means I have clothes to wear.

~The floor needing to be swept because in Africa, their floors are dirt.

~The house needing to be organized because my family is coming for Christmas.  Other families aren't on good terms, can't afford to travel across the country, or aren't here on earth any more.

~The computer not working because that means it was working at one point. 

~America's decline because it reminds me God is on the throne.

~Cooking . . . because, well, cooking is awesome!

For Christmas gifts, I decided to do jars this year.  You know, when you layer the dry ingredients in a jar and then tie a tag with instructions on it?  I don't know about you, but I think they are SO cute.

Here are the ones I'm doing:

~Chili Seasoning Mix
~Cranberry Oatmeal Mix
~Chai Tea Mix
~Mocha Cocoa Mix
~Chocolate Chip Cooie Mix

And then I'll try to make some Rocky Road Popcorn before Christmas.  I guess I can be grateful I have so much to make because I have so many wonderful people to thank.  I cannot wait for school to be done so I can try to cram all my gifts, cards, packages, and baking into a week, 5 days4 DAYS before my family arrives for Christmas. 

So if you'll excuse me, I have some math to finish up.  Actually, let's end on a brighter note.  I'm done with piano, Worldview, and now English.  My family will finish My Father's World tomorrow.  So that leaves me more than two hours extra in a day to prepare.  At least I can be grateful for that.


*Comes back*

Oh my goodness!  Am I forgetting what truly to be grateful for!?!?  I think I am!?!?  (It wouldn't be the first time)  It is so easy to bury Jesus under the responsibilities of Christmas just like we hide the laundry under the bed.  But He is the reason for the season!  His death could not have redeemed us if He hadn't been born first.  He gave Himself to us so we could nail Him on the cross.  He conquered death not because I finished my math and got all my gifts ready.  He loves me not because I make everyone happy or that the house is picture perfect.  He loves me without conditions.  I think this seasonof expectation and conditions needs that reminder.   


  1. Your way of being joyful in the midst of less-than-desirable circumstances is really pretty inspiring. You made me smile AGAIN. You have this way of doing that... and your ending about conditions/expectations was really good!

  2. I really like how you took things most people would be angry about, and turned them into something to be thankful for! I love the way you think!

  3. That was so insightful, Mary! Just another example of how we can turn around the things in life that seem less-then-fun, and be grateful:)

  4. What a wonderful list. I like your reasons for being thankful, as well. And, the truffles you brought to class were amazing! Thanks for all your work on them!


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