December 21, 2012

Mixing up Gifts and Playing in the Snow!

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My dreams have come true.

Really, you ask?  Really?  Well, ok, maybe my real dreams haven't come true, but my dreams of cute baking gifts have.  It's very hard to make cute cookies, bars, or breads without un-cutifying them on the drive to wherever you are going.
That's when I discovered the wonder of desserts in jars.  Not only do you give a gift that the person can enjoy at their leisure, but you can decorate the jar with all the adorable ribbon and beautiful paper you want!  These gifts are long on cute and short on money and time.  Perfect combination in my book. 

I made Cocoa Mocha Mix, Cranberry Oatmal Cookie Mix, Chai Mix and my grandmother's much fought over, much sought after Hot Cocoa Mix.

Hot Cocoa Mix
4 (1 quart) cups instant dry milk
2 (1 lb.) cups Nestle Quick
2 (1 lb.)cups powdered sugar
11 oz. coffee creamer

Mix all together and add to hot water to enjoy!

Saltine Toffee
I also made toffee, which is delicious. Oh so addicting. Even my dad and brothers liked it!

I watched the boys play in the snow while I packed the jars and then after lunch, joined them.  We piled all our snow and packed it down into a slide and rolled down it again and again.  Nathan and I jumped over it and slid down, too.  This morning, me and Nathan had to retrieve the garbage can from the end of our half mile driveway and we slid on all the ice patches.  After everyone finished their cleaning chores, we were free to pull on snow clothes and play outside.  We plodded through the drifts, jumped off the trailer into the snow, and tried unsuccessfully to slide down the slope in our field.  The snow found its way down our jackets and gloves, but honestly, we didn't care.  Not until someone scrubbed our face that is.  Then it was time to go inside . . . and get hot cocoa.  Or in my case, chai.  The batch makes eight cups! 

This was John Caleb's first time playing in the snow with us.  We dubbed him "the blueberry" as his snow suit is round and bright blue.  Oh, but my heart melts whenever I see him.  He would jump off the trailer into my arms and then I would toss him into the snow.  He would take off his gloves every time they got snow on them, whispering, "dirty, dirty."  His grin makes me grin and his little voice cracks me up.  Like just now, he cans running up to Mom, telling her about his cows.  Picking him up she asks him, "So you know I like you?"  Not even looking at her, he replied, "Yes, -" and then continues speaking in whatever language he has created.  I love that boy.

Playing in the Snow!!!
Jumping off the Trailer
Being goofy with their hot chocolate.  Their hat hair cracks me up!
Love my "blueberry!"

Snow angels . . . this one is mine.  Notice the sunglasses? 


  1. Oh, all your goodies are so... PRETTY! And CUTE! And ADORABLE! (and, knowing you, SCRUMPTIOUS!)

  2. Love the stories about your little brother. :) And the drink mixes are a great idea! I have only tried that with hot chocolate mix...I'd like to get your chai recipe, if you're sharing!


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