January 10, 2013

Protecting the Snow

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Sadly, almost all of our snow has melted.  In the last days of its existance, it turned from lovely white to a growing shade of brownish-gray.  Yuck.

When I look at snow when it has first fallen, it seems so beautiful.  Nobody has walked through it, the whole field if perfectly white; it is so picturesque.

When I think of the verse that says Jesus has washed us white as snow, it becomes so real when the first snowfall arrives.  But, I see how playing in it and stomping through it with muddy boots ruins the whiteness.  I wonder if that is what sin does to our hearts.  God washes it white as snow, but our disobediene can tarnish that pureness.  The wonder of that is that God is always willing to "wash" it again - and again.  When the snow first falls, I want to protect it, you know, leave a section that nobody is allowed to walk on or use snow from.  What if I viewed my heart that way?  What if I chose to protect it like I do that patch of snow, not wanting any unhealthy thoughts, idols, or unhealthy desires, to use that "snow" designed for God. 

The New Year always brings the celebrations and resolutions.  My Mom challenged is this January to pick one or two things we would like to improve on, whether it be more respectful or being a better basketball player.  I like that she gave us a small goal first.  For me, I would make a list pages long and get discouraged just looking at it.  When I am forced to pick one thing, it makes me think about that thing more than just scribbling down a whole page full.

I've decided I want to treat my siblings like I treat my friends.  Specifically how I use my words with them.  And the Bible says from the overflow of the heart comes the mouth.  Whoa.  Okay, so maybe the problem starts a bit deeper than just holding my tongue.  Maybe I need to go to the Ultimate Washer and start cleaning out all the dirt in my heart.  . 

Another things I would like to do this January is try a new "crazy" recipe.  I've used avocado a few times, but I'd like some inspiration.  Any ideas?  I'm open and willing!


  1. Your blogs are so cool in that they are both insightful and concretely applied! Your resolution sounds challenging, but I know with Jesus by your side, He will be there for you to give you strength. As for a new recipe, I'll keep my eyes open. Great post!

  2. I'm always amazed every time it snows how beautiful it makes the world look as it covers up all the imperfections. That reminds me of what Jesus is doing to me! And I'm with you on making too many goals and getting discouraged before I get started. Your mom is very wise!

    By the way, have you ever tried pinterest for recipe ideas? I've joined it but am not a very faithful user. But I know tons of people who love it and post and find many creative recipes (and basically everything else you could ever want ideas about!).

  3. That was very insightful, Mary, and something I've thought about a lot. Thanks for sharing your heart and goals with us! I'll be praying that you would continue to glorify God in your ambitions:)


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