November 24, 2012


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(Note: Sorry I haven't been journeling recently, like I've been supposed to:(  This post should be more along those lines.  And since only Savanna and Hannah read this and they know my dad, it shouldn't be awkward.)

Fathers are very important.  They are providers and protectors.  They are the leaders of the family.  They must love unconditionally, even when their family doesn't deserve it.  They have a very difficult, but very important role.  People have varying memories of their dads.  Those memories are positive when their dad fulfilled the role of a father.  But they are negetive when those fathers let them down.

I think that is why God added "Father" to his list of titles that include "King" and "Savior."  We all need a father figure and sometimes God is the only one to fill that role.  To us who haven't had the earthly father, knowing we have a perfect, omnipotent and omniscient Father is very comforting.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with an exceptional dad.  He provides for his family, he protects them and he is involved.  He takes my brothers hunting and he takes me shopping.  He has been our golf coach for as long as we have golfed and he coached my volleyball team.  He has put up with my insecurities about him and lovingly corrected me when I am out of line.  He guides in the big things, but he indulges in the little things.  I know he cares about me when he points out a better deal at Bath n' Body Works than what I am holding in my hands.  The more I learn about other fathers, the more I am grateful for what I have.  It is said you don't know what you have until it is gone.  In my case, it is you don't know what you have until you see what others don't.  God has blessed my dad with a successful business so he can take me shopping.  But God has also blessed me with a dad who is wise in handling money.  In fact, I am so cheap that I usually have this guilt if I spend over $15 on something.  Its normally Dad pressing me to buy something instead of the other way around.

But yesterday, we found a lot of good deals.  I mean, a shirt for $3 is pretty hard to pass up.  But one of the reasons I enjoy shopping with my dad is he genuinely likes finding something I want to buy.  He genuinely likes looking through aisles of clothes and shoes - for me.  That's very humbling for me.

Not only do I have Dad, I have God.  I can spill my guts to God and argue with Him and let Him know exactly how I feel and He listens.  He know the depths of my heart and He can give me peace about cirumstances.  He can give me self control.  And He can forgive me daily.  He's given me an algebra tutor in my dad, but He has also given me a heart tutor in Himself.  My dad has given me freedom by being a Christian, but it was God who offered the freedom.

I love my Dad and I love my Father.  Both give me mercy daily.  And both love me unconditionally.  I have God to thank for that.

However all people have their quirks and my dad is not exempt from that.  What are they?  Number 1- Getting there on time is not as important as just getting there.  And Number 2 - (This should be obvious) 

He doesn't like chocolate.

I missed that gene.


  1. Okay, I'm caving. :) This post was too awesome NOT to comment on, despite my determination earlier. :) I love this post for several reasons: 1.) it's very insightful and well-articulated. I love how you express the strengths of both your heavenly father and your (awesome) dad, but still distinguish between them. 2.) You just say it all so... well. I mean, your description FITS who you're describing... and you give examples really well. 3.)your writing is soooo personal. I love your entire blog because I feel like I'm learning more about YOU!

  2. (p.s. I just had to add that the reason I love learning about you is because getting peeks into your more personal life is like opening a treasure box. What's in your heart is really special and insightful, and it's a GIFT to read your blog)

  3. Thank you for sharing these thoughts! I hope it's okay that I am reading your blog, too, and not just Savanna and Hannah. :) What a wonderful gift to have a godly earthly father as well as a loving, perfect Heavenly Father! Thanks for sharing some of your heart in this post (though I am loving the recipes and cooking stories, too!).


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