November 15, 2012


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We had friends from North Carolina come and visit us over the weekend.  Its a blessing and a curse for our house . . . it finally has to be cleaned!  But - that means we have to clean it. 

We have lots of boxes.  Boxes of too small clothes.  Boxes of out of season clothes.  Boxes of gifts.  Boxes of school supplies.  Boxes of memoirs.  Boxes.

Boxes can be very useful, yet they are very convenient for hiding away things we don't want others to see.  Like a dozen knitted scarves by a beginner.  *guilty face*

But what about boxes that we can't see?  Another box I pull out when company comes is my big sister box.  In it I try to stuff my bossy voice, hitting hands, and snarky remarks.  I try to put all my siblings "unacceptable" :) qualities in there too.  Such as loud voices and goofy remarks. 

When I use that "box" I am trying to hide my human nature.  I want to prove just because I am homeschooled or we have a vanful of people doesn't make us weird.  But working to cover up who we are has the opposite effect.

I thought of this before they came and had a great time with them.  I am so glad for the freedom God's grace gives us.  He takes those boxes.  And He can also take what we try to hide in them.

If only He could clean out our storage room as well.

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  1. This is my favorite post of yours yet. You are so insightful, girl! This was a great reminder for me today, so thank you!


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