January 11, 2014

Things I'm Loving {#10}

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Everyone's blogs!  This week, I've actually baked from my pins and blogs I follow!  It is kind of exciting; like, all this blogging and pinning isn't for nothin'!  (Though I am the epitome of this pin 99% of the time;)
Humor ecard: 1.  Go to Pinterest to look up  that one recipe    2.  OMG, I have to pin it all    3.  Bake nothing

But this week ...

This chocolate coconut popcorn was created after seeing Pamela's popcorn.

This skinny milkshake was inspired by Spoonful of Flour

I got all excited and made these bagels after this post from Heather's French Press.

And then my brain was jogged by Sally's cheesecake bars.  So, in the next couple posts, prepare yourselves for a pretty awesome recipe.

And these pancakes by Chez Catey Lou are absolutely DElish.

(P.S. Check out Zainab, Davida and Consuelo, too ... my list for their blogs is really, really long)

P.P.S  I made these Healthy Dark Chocolate No Bake Bars from a blog I just discovered, Confessions of A Bright Eyed Baker and they are so good!

Other highlights of this week:

I've been really enjoying doing things with Elizabeth and Abigail during break (we aren't on it any more, just in case you were concerned;)

We've been dancing to TobyMac's Eye On It CD ... (sorry, no pics of us dancing;)

Recreating Guy's Grocery Games in my room ...


Switching bedrooms ...

Me and Elizabeth used to share a room, but now Elizabeth and Abigail switched.  We're trying it out.  It's been working great!

Baking food ... lots of it!

Want to know donething realky exciting?  I discovered Google +!  Guys, I am so slow, its hilarious.  I'd never pursued what it was and it wasn't until I accidentally clicked "view my feed" or something like that, that I realized I could see all the posts of the people I follow!  Like, it is so cool!  Now I know where my posts go when I click "share."  You learn something new every day!


Moving on ...

E.l.f. eyeliner.

I never go to Target since my mom usually goes when I'm at volleyball or piano or classes, etc., but we went the other day after New Years.  I had been wanting eye liner, but wasn't sure what I wanted.  Then, I stumbled upon Elf at the end of the aisle.  Can I just say love at first sight?  It is all $1, $2, $3 - who knew?  So, I'm loving how easy it is to apply and how clear it stays on. 

Cranberries.  Yes, another thing I was slow to catch onto.  I baked them into a dessert for the first time this week (I guess I got too caught up in pumpkin this fall ... ) and absolutely loved it!  If I remember, I'll share the recipe with you in several months ... It's definitely a fall recipe!

Finally, remember the Books I'm Loving post?  Well, I did finish Sense and Sensibility and I really enjoyed it. I am a firm believer that is a movie is based on a book, I need to read the book. I always appreciate the extra details books give. However, with Jane Austen and her older style of writing, I was glad I has an understanding of the plot (since I had watched the movie) because I think I might've gotten lost otherwise.
WestingGame1 Top 100 Childrens Novels #9: The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
(My book looks way different, but this is it!)
The second book I was going to read was The Westing Game. I was a little leery, but I am SO glad I started it again. The murder at the beginning creeped me out a couple years ago, but it isn't the focus of the book at all. It is a book of riddles, deception, and quirky characters with deep pasts. I would've never predicted the ending. What I loved was 1) I couldn't put it down and 2) the ending matched the incredible plot. There was no let down after all that action and intrigue; Ellen Raskin was hard pressed to finish well, but she delivered. I highly recommend this one, although for mature readers (aka not my 12 year old self)  (This is a pretty good review of the book!)

So there you have it!  How about you?  Did you make any recipes from blogs or pinterest this week?  Any other highlights?


  1. CONGRATS on your own room!!! I recently got my own room after sharing with my little sister.

    1. I thought I would hate sharing a room, but I actually love it. I don't know how I would fight my dark phobia without them;)

  2. Love Toby Mac. So fun to listen to! And Jane Austen is an amazing storyteller but you are right--it's easy to get lost in the details. Glad you liked Sense and Sensibility! I read it a few years ago and loved it! :)

    1. We love Toby Mac around here, too! I'm going to tackle Mansfield Park next (I hope!)

  3. I'm looking for a new eyeliner so might as well give that a try, especially with the awesome price! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    1. You're welcome; I've loved it and I hope you do too if you try it!

  4. Love the Jane Austen books. You just reminded me I should re-read my favorites again. And oh I have been on a blog making recipes this week too. So many great recipes and my pinterest scares me. I tried your skinny milkshakes and they were AMAZING!!

    1. Jane Austen is so good. Haha, my Pinterest is out of control, let's face it! Aw, I am SO glad you liked them! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Oooh that sounds like an awesome book...I have to check it out!

    Haha wow that pin board definitely describes me. I have this huge growing list of things to try but then I discover other recipes that inspire me..or I figure, 'who am I kidding, mine will never turn out looking as good. Next please...' Anywho...I have never heard of TobyMac before so I'm off to listen...

    Toodles for now,

  6. I love trying recipes from my fellow bloggers too! You guys inspire me everyday to try new things and even create some new recipes. :)
    Tina at www.tinaschic.com


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