January 25, 2014

Things I'm Loving .... Sort Of :)

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There are lots of things I've loved this week.

Sitting here, doing nothing has probably been the best. 

Juuust kidding. Sleeping in this morning, now that was good. 

For reals: It's been a longish week. I've spent it driving all over kingdom come on Wednesday, trying to figure out how to drop an egg from 10 feet without breaking it on Thursday, and yesterday logging hours in the kitchen, washing dishes and arguing with my math lesson. 
And it has been so cold!  I wouldn't mind it except my hair has decided to turn static master on me and unless I damper it's enthusiasm with a secure headband and ponytail holder, my hair will be plastered to my neck … or my shirt ... or the car door. And I still have had issues with my stomach, but that's old need. These posts are about new news!  I'm blessed to be busy and involved, but all privileges have responsibility and I'm feeling the responsibility more than the privilege right now!  I'm ready for a day with nothing.  

Some real highlights have been …

Britt Nicole's CD Gold.  You know that iTunes giftcard I got for Christmas?  I finally used it. For only $7.99, I got the entire "Gold" album by Britt Nicole, plus a music video and several remixes.  If you like her, go get it!  In addition to my old favorites (Gold, Stand, Ready or Not) I found I really like Still That Girl and Seeing for the First Time. 

50% at Plato's closet.  We don't have a Plato's closet, but when Luke has out of town basketball games, its a treat to shop there.  This time, although my time was really short :( I did get to shop their %50 off section and found a really cute sweater for less than five bucks.

Getting to see and talk to lots of friends at basketball games.  Really, all we've done this week is go to Luke's basketball!  My life has been school, eat, school ... freeze my fingers off in the garage :)  So yeah, anyways, I got to catch up with several friends who I don't get to see very often at the game.  I've decided I really like attending Varsity games - everyone is so pumped up and cheering!  It's fun!  

Sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I think I'll make an exception and post this recipe later this week.  It is really good!

Browning beef for tacos. I felt like a gourmet chef!  I can whisk, fold, etc. in my sleep, but when it comes to savory stuff, I'm all thumbs and toes (is that the right expression?)  But since Mom has been gone every other evening with Luke at basketball, I've been in charge of dinner.  I tell you, standing there, stirring up that meat, I felt so accomplished.  I am easily entertained! ooooor a na├»ve cook, take your pick.

Ok, my friend sent me a pin that had the combo of gingerbread and coffee?  Has anyone tried it?  It sounds amazing!

That's about all guys ... have you had an exciting week?  Or a highlight?  I'd love to hear about it!



  1. Gingerbread coffee?!?!?!?! :O I haven't seen that in the stores yet. OMG. Mind=Blown. I have to find that...or figure a way to make my own ;)

    It has been a crazy week...and it went by soo fast D: I haven't gotten to visit anyone and I feel like such a slacker for it. The cold is definitely not helping. Now that the holidays are over I wish winter would go away and come back another day...another day next year! lol

    Oooh I love Britt Nicole. Whenever I listen to her I think immediately of summer...her and Colbie Caillat are on my summer mix.

    Sweet potatoes have always been a fav of mine but lately I too have gotten a whole new appreciation for Brussels sprouts! :D

    Enjoy the weekend. Take care and stay warm Mary Francis!


  2. Ahh I'm so looking forward to your sweet potato/brussels sprouts combo. Loooove both of those veggies!

    1. Hahaha shoot, I'm signed into my other account--funny!

  3. Please share the sweet potato recipe, sounds so delicious!! I actually make more savory recipes at home than bake since I am the sole dinner server so I am always looking for interesting sides. And girl don't even get me started on the cold and how fast this week has gone. Unbelievable. I want nothing but to have nothing to do ;) Hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

  4. Definitely not an exciting week for me since I'm down with the flu :--((
    The sweet potato recipe sounds great girl! Brussel sprouts make my heart super happy!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week! <3

  5. I'm having major static issues too! Sometimes a little hairspray on your brush will help. Sometimes not - like now. I love sweet potatoes and sprouts together! So yummy. And coffee and gingerbread sound like a great pair - I love that gingerbread Christmas tea.


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