November 23, 2013

Things I'm Loving {#7}

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Just Dance 4!  Now, I don't own this, but I tried it at a coach's house and it was so much fun!  When you're not dancing, your cheeks get a workout of their own from laughing with/at the dancers. :)  I enjoyed how it involved everyone, created great background music, and got us moving and shaking and laughing. 

Writing prompts from Pinterest. Pinterest is full of amazing story starters. Here a few of my favorites. For more, the link to my board is above. 

This one is just gorgeous. If I could pick one word to describe this, it would be calm. I wonder why she is there.  Is there a secret in the lake?  Is she the secret?  

This one's word would be unexplored. Portals fascinate me although I'm grateful they are merely figments of our imaginative minds. I like the idea of using a painting as a doorway to another world. If I were to write a story on this prompt, I would have someone be escaping from that unexplored world in the painting. 
Ah yes, the romantic in me. The word for this one is questioning. This picture automatically makes me think of lovers, but then I wonder, are they strangers?  Siblings?  Enemies?  I've watched too many Jane Austen period dramas, but I see an almost proposal or a marriage rejection. 
over the shoulder looks.
Photoshoots with my sisters.  (I'm still getting used to saying I have three)  Aren't those hats fun?  In my mind, the most important part of having a baby sister is making sure she had hair accessories and flower hats. Rebekah has a white knitted hat with a big white flower, but Mom said we had to wait until she was a little older before she could wear it (ie, it can't be bigger than her head. :)




All things silver and sparkly. I feel so girly, ... but it's sophisticated girly!  First up; Metallic sharpies. I like using these to brighten up cards and notes. They also make amazing highlighters and they're so fun to use (ie, all my homework is underlined, started, and circled.)

Silver Eyeshadow. All I have to do is apply one coat, line my eyes, mascara and I'm done. It's great for when I'm short on time and I still really like how it looks. I'm not a makeup artist, so I don't know if this is right or flatters my eyes or whatever, but I like it and its simple!  This is Maybelline's Twilight. 

Sparkly shoes. Thank you Pinterest, for once again making my shoes jealous. Oh my goodness, these shoes!  Totally impractical, but totally cute.

sparkly tieks

Silver mini skirts. I'm into mini skirts right now in addition to all things silver and glitter, and I just adore this skirt. I would love to have it for Christmas day, but I think that will have to stay a wish and only a wish. 
Sequin Mini Skirt | Ann Taylor

You know how I asked you all forever ago what kind of donut I should try?  Well, I finally tried the butter pecan and apple version, but it was after the sun had set (thanks daylight savings!) and my family wasn't interested in waiting. So, wanted to let you know I had made them and that the recipe with real photos is hopefully coming soon. 
Recipes that caught my eye, stole my heart, and rumbled my stomach:

How do you all feel about sequins and glitter?  Maybe it's just the holidays rubbing off on me. :)  How about pictures from Pinterest?  Which recipes have stolen your heart?  Tell me about them!  Have a great weekend!
~Mary Frances 


  1. Your sisters are adorable!!! And those pictures are so cool!! I love the portal one too! Also, I LOVE sparkly shoes! I have a cute pair and love em! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. Aww your sisters are the cutest, and so are those shoes!
    I cannot wait to see the donuts when you make them again, they sounded awesome :D
    Have a lovely weekend :D

  3. Love all the sparkles you're liking as of lately! I've been wanting to do some holiday crafts and sparkle them up!

  4. Your sisters are the cutest things ever! Little blondies :) Can't wait for the donuts!

  5. STOP with that baby picture! That is just about the cutest thing! And your other sisters are cute, too...but c'mon, a yawning baby? I die.
    Those shoes are awesome, too! I don't know where I would wear them but I'm pretty sure I need them regardless. :)

  6. Aww thanks for the link love! I LOVE all those writing prompt pictures you linked--I used to loooove creative writing + writing novels, but I haven't written in far too long. Those make me want to get the creative juices flowing!

    Oh my gosh sigh I'm sure you've seen all the recipes that have stolen my heart on Pinterest! Too many of them. I can't stop thinking about those sweet potato marshmallow biscuits from Smitten Kitchen though...

  7. Mary Frances, I love this post!! SO many things I want to say. Your sisters are so beautiful and I love those hats. Rebekah is just precious!! And those writing prompts are such a great idea. The last one brings to mine a first encounter...I watch too many Jane Austen as well. My oh my I want all your sparkling things. I had to double check again that I follow you on Pinterest to get in on all your goodness.


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