October 19, 2013

Things I'm Loving (#4)

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Rend Collective Experiment "Build Your Kingdom Here"  I listen to this song all the time!  I bought on iTunes (usually I wait until I don't like it as much or my mom buys it:) and play it over and over; in my room, while running, as my alarm to get up in the morning ... it is so good.  They are out of Ireland and this song has a fast, hand clapping beat and if you watch the music video, you'll see some of the instruments they use.  I think it is really neat and the music video is incredible. 

Taste of home magazine.  Anna gave me a subscription for my birthday and I've received two of those issues.  I had forgotten they did it every month (Simple and Delicious only does it every two months) and how many desserts there are in Taste of Home magazines!  Thank you, Anna!  The issues have been the biggest time sucks this past week:) 

Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  I had to read this for school.  Granted, I was utterly confused by the second chapter, but I'm so glad it is required reading because by the time I reached the end of the first "book" (there are three books within the book itself) I was hooked and could not put it down.  It takes place during the French Revolution and you get to see perspectives from both the common people and the nobility.  I liked how the plot is complex, yet there aren't too many subplots. Sometimes subplots can be more confusing than beneficial, but that isn't the case here.  I actually liked one of the antagonists best, because his character was the best developed and his choices at the end were the most shocking and intriguing.   

This list from Klove.  15 ways to make your life better ... its a great list and very convicting.  I printed it out and cut out the individual ideas and taped them all over room and bathroom and closet.  They are excellent reminders!  The one that hit me hardest was letting others be right ... practicing humility is hard, but oh so necessary. 
Mustard skinny jeans.  Yes, I got some on sale.  I like this outfit and this one that I found on Pinterest.   

Lattes in the morning.  I've always drank coffee black and then one morning, I added sugar and milk.  Wow!  I take it anywhere I go in the mornings, because 1) it makes me feel grown up:) and 2) it really does fill me up and keep me going.
Cool running weather.  There were a couple days where it was cool and running was just amazing.  Now, its cold, and we'll see how much I really like it.  #notsomuch  Any tips?

Vanilla greek yogurt.  I eat this stuff like it is my job.  I can just eat out of the container because no one else eats it in my family! 

Recipes from around the blog world: 

Pumpkin Cookies and Cream Fudge from Inside BruCrew Life.  This fudge is so pretty and packed with Oreos and pumpkin spice ... would be the star at any dinner!
Asian Marinated Cucumbers from Brooklyn Farm Girl.  I love this twist on vinegar marinated cucumbers.  Tucking this away for the crazy number of cucumbers next year! :)
Caramel Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Flapjack from Twigg Studios.  This isn't pancakes, but an incredible cake packed with colors and textures that make me want to dive in.  Check it out!

Oh, and I need your help. I'm going to make donuts (yeasted and fried) for the first time and I can't decide what kind to make. Would you rather see 

Almond joy
Rocky road
Butter pecan and apple 
Or Oatmeal raisin? 

Let me know in the comments, as well as things you 're loving this week!
Mary Frances


  1. I think rocky road would be soo cool. Plus make sure to visit my blog I literitly just posted a donut recipe

    1. Wouldn't it? If not me, then it sounds like you could!

  2. Girl, that song is amazing! I'd never heard about that band before, but they sound great.
    Lattes in the morning are delish indeed, I love to make mine with goat milk instead of cow's and wow, it's lovely that way.
    And cold running weather is my favorite too. There's nothing I dislike more than running under scorching hot temperatures.
    I feel you on the greek yogurt thing: I've bought 3 1kg buckets today and I can already tell you that they won't make you through Monday... I eat crazy amounts of it and I'm the only one in my family who likes it!
    And would you believe that I was thinking about making yeast donuts too? Great minds think alike haha! I'm going to go for plain ones, although I might make a quick glaze, I don't know it yet! But Almond Joy sound amazing too. I'm sure that whatever you make, they'll all be tasty!
    Happy weekend :)

    1. I mean they won't make it (the yogurt buckets). I've just spent long hours studying and my mind isn't working properly oops.

    2. I totally understood what you meant! No worries ;)
      Ooh, I'm jealous of your goat milk, I've always wanted to try it. And yes, my greek yogurt has the shortest life span of any of my ingredients! Wouldn't it be fun if we posted donut recipes on the same day!?!?

  3. If you successfully pull off almond joy donuts then you officially need to open your own bakery! Have a wonderful Sunday my dear!

    1. I'm happy with that vote! (chocolate and coconut, what could go wrong?) Thanks Davida!

  4. I'm listening to your song now!! But I've heard it before, def a good one!! And those are cute outfits!! This week I'm loving the weather! Seriously, it's chilly... but not too chilly! Just right :)

    1. Isn't it? I just love it:) Today was a good chilly, but not too chilly day ... it felt amazing!

  5. I'm going to vote for the Butter pecan and apple, but honestly all your options sound so great I will gladly taste test all of them for you. :) hope you had a great weekend girl! Ps. Thanks for the linky love! <3

  6. Oooo I vote for the butter pecan and apple donut! Sounds yummy!!! :) Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? :)

    1. Thanks Lorraine! I think my dad would appreciate that vote the most! :) No, I don't have Facebook:)

  7. I have been looking for a good pair of mustard skinnies everywhere but no luck yet! I love making homemade donuts- all four of those options sound amazing and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. I got mine from Lands End Canvas. I am such a sucker for fun skinnies! :) Thanks Meghan, I'm looking forward to seeing what I make, too! :) (aka haven't decided yet!)

  8. I do the exact same thing when I'm hooked on a song! Current obsession (don't laugh): Roar!

  9. Butter pecan and apple!!!!! :D Yes, definitely!

    I am the same way when it comes to finding a new song...I play on repeat until I hate it...well maybe not hate, but until I grow tired of it...my poor family :p ...Umm right now I've been digging a lot of folk/indie and 90s rock. My taste in music is really quite eclectic. I like pretty much everything except for bubble gum pop and dubstep. Right now I'm going between Brandi Carlile and Passenger :)

    Ahh cooking mags are the best...I'm becoming more of cooking mag person than a fashion mag :O I never thought I'd live to see the day! I haven't gotten my hands on the new Taste of Home yet though...I'll be sure to check it out.

    Tale of Two Cities...I don't really remember it too well, but I had to read that for school too. Best of luck! I am currently reading 'Atonement' which I picked up at yard sale that the neighbor didn't even bother charging me for (score!)

    I love those mustard skinnies too! OMG I've been like on the hunt for those and wine red skinnies...they're such warm and cozy colors for the fall. If I find a pair I'll share a pic on google+....oooh also on my list of fall must-haves is a light washed chambray top.

    ...Hahaha I've tried that whole black coffee and sugar thing I just can't do it. I like a little hazelnut creamer...but I'm a coffee-holic (or so my friend keeps telling me). I don't know do 4 cups a day count as an addiction?

    I used to run as well...I still do on occasion, but I was experiencing bad leg cramps and knee pain so I had to tone it down a bit. I've gotten into yoga a lot so now that's my main go to...I've eased back into jogging. When it's cold be sure to wrap a scarf around your nose and mouth...I know you'll feel silly but that cold air can really sting. Otherwise, running in the fall/winter is the probably the most invigorating experience...I prefer it actually over the sweltering summer :p

    I'm sorry, I just realized I'm probably taking up your whole day with this comment...I got carried away. But before I sign off let me just say, Greek yogurt is the bomb. I'm the same way...I eat it like it's going out of style..however I'm picky. I only like the fage with honey - oh. my. yum. So when that goes on sale, my week is made! :D

    I'm going to check out those global recipes. Until then I hope you are having a fabulous week and look forward to more posts.


    1. Oh Tammy, your comment made my day! You can take up as much of it as you like! :)

      I've heard from several people they like running in the cold. You all can't be wrong! Thanks for the tips ... if I want to keep running, I'm going to need all the help I can get!

      Oh my goodness, I've totally been looking for red skinnies as welll! I have a darker chambray that I wear all.the.time. It's a staple. (Old Navy, if you are interested.)

      I've tried Chobani but not fage ... I've been sticking to Walmart's brand (yes, I know:) I'll have to try the honey because it sounds really good! Thanks Tammy!

    2. Chobani is very good...my second fav! I love Fage because their yogurt is actually much creamier than any other brand I've tried...I've never had Walmart's brand though, but you could just add a little drizzle of honey to any brand. I mean I only get fage when its on sale...greek yogurt is goood but expensive!

      Speaking of Old Navy I have Old Navy cash to use in a few days so I've been waiting for that to get cords and a chambray ^_^

      Cold weather running is the best. And don't forget your ipod that always helps! Haha...enjoy your runs!


  10. I am totally in love with those mustard skinny jeans!!!


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