July 26, 2013

Made me laugh ...

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John Caleb and Abigail were watching tv and I was sitting with them. I asked John Caleb if I could have a kiss. He told me, "only give Momma kisses."  Abigail immediately gave me a kiss on the cheek:)  Totally nonchalant, John Caleb carried on playing. He picked up his little animals and held up the hippo. "Hey there!" he said to Abigail's animal. "Can you come over tonight?"  Then he giggled. "Hippo have pink tongue, see Sissy?"

Love that boy!  He is a cutie. 

He plays with his trains and I guess he listens to too much of his big sister's drama. 

"Gordooooon!  Don't go on that traaaack!"

" Uh oh, you in the way, Henry."

Bangs the train off the track

"See you later!"  Pushes Gordon to shed.  
 "I no hungry for more gas, no. I sleepy."  Speaks for Henry. "Help me!"

"I save you, Henry!"

"You good friend, Gordon."

Etcetera ... I remember when I did stuff like that. I was looking through my journals of when I was eight and nine and   I scare myself. Who was I when I wrote that?  Some of it makes me laugh (man was I innocent) and then other times ... whew! (man was I just plain sinful!)

One excerpt: "We have been cleaning [for our Christmas party] the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, play room, you name it!  I can't believe my room is cleaner than the living room!  Oh, and I think my handwriting is so neat. It's 8:45 now. I'm going to sleep. Good night!  Hahahaha!"

Uhhhh, nine year old self ... I remember that room.  It wasn't clean. And what was so funny?  Hahaha?

I also felt this need to record ever single thing I did. One post is "it's 8:00. I'm going to eat breakfast. Sorry I haven't written all morning. I'm eating lunch. I'm going to eat dinner because it is 6:00. Good night!  It's 8:30!"

Thanks Mary Frances, I was concerned that I ate lunch at 5:36 in the morning:)

Another excerpt: "I have been a bad girl. This entry will be a mystery for my friends."

Hang on, what are you, I mean, what was I talking about?!  I wouldn't have guessed I would've been writing a mystery for myself, that's for sure.

But really, it is SO special to re read them.  Remembering what my daily life was then is part strange, part fascinating.  What I considered important has changed but I love getting to relive what I was like through the diary. It cracks me up when I wrote things like "if I haven't told you, I have a brother named Nathan and he..."  Other times, I find it funny that I considered my baby sitters names and ages so important (crazy, my babysitters were younger than I am now and I thought they were so old and mature!)  It motivated me to keep journaling. It will be just as fun for me to read the journal I have now as the one I wrote seven years ago. 

Lovely ladies!  Incredibly blurry ladies, I mean. I think when I traded in my cracked iPod for a new one, they gave me one with a defective camera. Everything always looks hazy. Whatever, it's not like it was amazing quality to begin with ... but this camera is really bad:)  However, they are still cute girls!

In another friend's words, this was a post of truly random ramblings - thanks for sticking with me!  Have a great day!


  1. Awww, this was a fun post to read! I should show you some of my old posts too.... It's funny how similar mine are to yours! I felt the need to describe everything that happened:)
    Did you quote me? I feel honored....

    1. I did quote you! It seemed fitting and I really like the way it sounds:). We should look at old journals together sometime, it is so fun!


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