May 17, 2013

The Kitchen is a Little Hot!

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Sometimes the kitchen gets to me.
Its hot near the oven, the dishes have to washed again, something is taking too long, another thing isn't turning out the way I want, there are too many people talking to me and needing help . . . Normally, baking is very relaxing, but occassionally, I can just about feel the steam coming out my ears.

If you are next to boiling water, it looks like it really is.

And it isn't limited to just the kitchen, unfortunately, it is everywhere.  My frustration erupts before I even really think about it and all I accomplished was lighting a match near gasoline.

Here are some thingsI do when I can begin to feel steam coming out of my ears.

1. Brush your teeth!  Seriously, between scrubbing your teeth and having that fresh feeling in your mouth, it really does make you feel less hot and harried.  Try it, it works.

2. Walk outside.  Fresh air, cool breeze, yes, it is lovely.  And just seeing the sky and how far it stretches puts things in perspective. 

3. Read a book and have a conversation with a fictional character.  Please tell me someone else does this?  Sometimes it is nice to rant at a characters naivety and other times it is nice to grieve with them over a loss.  And it is always nice to see them through to a happy ending.  As long as you avoid Romeo and Juliet. 

4. Sip cold water.  This one is really easy, but sometimes I just feel like throwing it in the person's face.  That is not recommended.  Just drink your water - peacefully.

5. Remind yourself that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.  Boy, do I have many.  Just the oxymoron that His power could not be shown unless I screw up and need Him, who doesn't need me in the first place, is mind blowing.  How grateful I am for it, but sometimes I forget to be grateful for it and a self reminder is very necessary.

Well, there you have it.  Those are some of the things I do when I can't seem to "take the heat."  What are some of your favorite ways to "cool down?"  I don't think I'll ever master it, but it is encouraging to hear how other people deal with it!



  1. For some reason I saw this blog post and wanted to read it but when I went back to click on it it was gone? So glad I found it again!!
    I liked all your tips, and no you aren't the only one!! Reading definitely helps me cool down, but often I find it an excuse just to shut out the real world and try to forget about my problems or my worries;)
    Hmmm...How I cool down.... Well saying "help me Jesus!" is a big one, because I know he will help. Walking away from the problem to use the bathroom and take a breather. Take a shower! Something cool or wet normally helps!!

    1. So insightful about the books, I hadn't thought about that. And you are so right, I love Jesus' promise that He will always help. Always always.
      Um, you've hit sharp eyes! I HAD posted it (accidentally) so you didn't lose it - I did:). Thanks for taking the time to "find" it again!


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