April 27, 2013

You Choose Today: Chopped Sweet Tooth Style

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I'm putting you in control today.

Scary thought huh?

Maybe I should back up.  I know most of you have watched Chopped, where contestants receive mystery ingredients and create a dish out of them.  Well, here's a little twist on that.  Today, I'm going to list three ingredients and you will come up a dish you would make out of them and let me know in the comments.  Sound good so far?  Then I will choose the one I like best (aka the most edible;) and try to create it sometime this week. 

I think it will be fun to get some inspiration from you guys who I know are all good bakers! 

Here are the three ingredients that must be used.  (I feel like Ted Allen.)

Fresh strawberries.

Shredded Wheat

Vanilla Pudding Mix

{sorry for the ugly pic . . . the good camera was in the car . . . in town while I was at home:( }

You have one week.  Go!

Isn't it so cool how creative everyone is?  We all have such unique and different gifts.  While I love being in the kitchen, to other people that is torture. They'd rather be cleaning the house or something like that.  Just because we have different gifts doesn't mean they're bad. Often, we associate the word different with bad. If they are different than me, they will probably disagree with me or not like me, hence I stay away. The thing is, our differences have purpose. We learn from other people because they have different passions. If we all cared about painting, who would teach us math?  The other thing about gifts is that no matter what it is, we can serve others with them. Sometimes it's a pain. Really, can't they just make their own sandwich?  Maybe, but I can be a blessing by making the sandwich for them.

We all have gifts.  We all are creative.  Just in different ways. 

We went to Wamego Park this week, too!  The weather was gorgeous and we got to eat sack lunches on the "wedding gazebo" (writing class girls:)?), enjoy the tulips, and eat cinnamon rolls. 

Oh, but we are girls, and our pictures must be symmetrical!
Chloe and I even coordinated our shirt colors with the flowers!  And look who FINALLY grew out her bangs! Oh the stages - I'm going to grow them out!  Hey, they're fashionable long!  Great, now they're in my eyes.  Aggg!  Now they are so long, I either cut them or go crazy! 
I've "gone crazy" over my bangs three times before.  This time I made it through!
Okay, you all remember what you got to do?  Come up with a creation using the three ingredients: vanilla pudding mix, strawberries, and shredded wheat.  Looking forward to hearing the ideas!


  1. The pictures turned out so well! I love it!!! :) :) :) Okay, thinking cap on..... Here are some REALLY random ideas: Dip the strawberries in the already made pudding and then dip them in crushed up shredded wheats and pretzels. ?? Okay so that one was questionable, let's see what else. Hummm...I'll get back to you on that!

  2. How about a strawberry vanilla custard pie with a crumbled and carmelized shredded wheat garnish?
    <3 Anna and Em

    1. Ooh I like the idea of using the shredded wheat as a garnish!

  3. Sounds heavenly

  4. are you allowed to use other ingredients besides the one's listed above??

    1. Yes! You just have to be able to taste those three. Also, you don't have to make, you can just give ideas - but go ahead and create something if you want - I think Hannah is!

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  6. Ok. Let's give this another shot. The first time I wrote this, the computer was signed in as Tyler. tee-hee :) It made me laugh just to read that "Tyler Marteney" had posted this idea :):) So, here's my contribution: a chocolate graham craccker style crust using shredded wheat as the base (maybe with some toasted pecans?), a layer of melted baking chocolate mixed with a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk (trust me, this works when it is refridgerated!). Then strawberry slices-pudding-strawberrys-pudding, layered. Topped with ?whipped cream, ?shaved chocolatea and strawberry slices??

    P.S. I told my mom about this (she thought it was a really fun idea! I agree! :) her idea was a trifle...

    1. Oh that is funny! If only I had known what a chef your brother is . . . :)
      I had not thought of the idea of layering! I like that idea a lot. Trifle layers are SOOO pretty.

  7. I want to try a parfait with greek yogurt/vanilla pudding mixture, strawberries, and a shredded wheat "granola" (with added brown sugar/honey/cinnamon and baked for a while to make it crunchy.) I'm hoping mom will let me get the ingredients!!!

  8. I love this idea! I think I'm a little late to "enter," and I feel like I've cheated now that I've seen all of the other amazing ideas! I do think I like Hannah's idea the best - can I just join on to hers? :)

    1. Oh no, you aren't late! It ends on Saturday but you can certainly join Hannah's idea. Its been so much fun hearing all the ideas!


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