April 19, 2013

In the Words of Oskar N.Reteep: "I Simply Love It!"

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I have found something INCREDIBLE.

And no, it is not food related.

I have been searching and searching and searching for some good books.  Like, could it really be that hard?  Oh yes it can.  Fine then, if the book world is challenging me, I'll take it on.  My fighting tools?  Well, okay, I just went around, pestering everyone about what good books there were to be read.  I went through list after list after list and after one or two bad shots, I found it. 


"I laughed, I cried - it moved me, Bob."  :)

You all may have read these and you might be like, "Mary Frances, it was about time you got with it!" (I just watched Anne of Green Gables, so getting with it obviously isn't my forte;)  

BUT maybe you haven't read them and now it's my turn to say, "Get with it!"

Because this series is unlike any books I have read.  Totally unpredictable.  I was so afraid of opening the book to the wrong spot in fear of spoiling the suspense.  Every page had purpose, humor, and another plot twist.  Even though the first book appears whimsical, there are foreboding hints dropped every couple pages.  Its all action from there!  Aside from the unique and incredibly well thought out plot, I loved that it is in third person, howvever you see everything through Janner's eyes.  I fell in love with the characters, wishing desperately for them to succceed, but never knowing if they would.  Janner's protective spirit and Tink's mischeivious rebellion make them a fun pair, even if their escapades bring danger.  Leeli and her mother, Nia, are the rocks of the family with their sweet, yet strong, personalities.  And Podo their grandfather?  And their friend Oskar?  Just be prepared to laugh.  You can do that, right?

The character growth is excellent.  You get as much internal conflict as external (and thats saying something, because these characters are always in a bind.  Always.  And for a reader, that is stressful!)  I was most impressed with the complexity of the plot as well as the complexity of the characters.  It is very hard to fully develop both.  And these do.

When Savanna gave a book review on these, she only let me look at the synopsis of the first book.  She said the other one's would give it away.  Boy, was she right.  Do not be like me and just borrow the first one from the library.   And DO NOT get just the first and second ones either.  The second one ends in a terrific cliff hanger.  Get them all at the same time if you want to sleep at night. 

The Wingfeather Saga. Oh, I just got shivers down my back, they are that good. Janner, Leeli, Tink, Nia, and Podo have joined my favorite characters list. Powerful sea dragons, mysterious and dangerous pasts, and cruel Fangs of Dang create painful problems, but somehow, through family team work and at a cost, the Igiby's survive. But can they find and combat the real problem? Or will they discover the problem and solution lie in themselves?

Halfway through the third book, I stopped (it was hard, trust me, putting these down is pretty much impossible by the second book) and thought, "when I finish this, I'm done.  I don't want to be done!"  There is a fourth one that is supposed to come out spring of 2013, but I guess Andrew Peterson is hanging out in Kansas.  "Oh, look, its snowing!  Guess I don't have to publish the book yet!"  It is technically spring now, right?

I cannot wait for the fourth one to come out and I've only been waiting for a week.  Some readers have been waiting for a couple years.  I don't blame them.  The concepts, ideas, and characters were so different, unexpected, and just plain incredible that it is worth reading again and again. 

The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson

1. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
2. North! or Be Eaten
3. The Monster in the Hollows
4. The Warden and the Wolf King (hopefully coming SOON!)

But remember!  Don't. read. the. back. of. the. second. or. third. books. before. you. finish. the. first. ones.

If you have read them, tell me your favorite parts about them! And if you haven't read then, why are you commenting? You should be reading them instead! :)


  1. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!! :D I don't have room in a comment to talk about my favorite parts, so we'll have to just get together and talk about them!

    1. I know! I couldn't talk about my favorite parts without giving it away! We should get together - that would be fun!

  2. These are my favorite books EVER!!!!!! I cannot wait till the next one comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, I accidently made the mistake of reading the back of the 2nd and 3rd book. GURRR! The third one is sooooo EPIC~!

  4. Alright, you guys have me curious! I'm going to have to get these :)

    1. you HAVE to Beth, they are SOOO good!!!

    2. AND, they are SOOOO good I couldn't put it down. One night I went to bed at 7 and read it till 10:30.

  5. You really should Bethany! They really are the best . . . I too stayed up late to finish one of them, Jerica! The lack of sleep didn't matter because I was too curious as to what happened in the next book!

    1. So very curious!!! :)

  6. I may have to look into adding these to my summer fiction reading list... You make me feel like I'm missing out!

    1. I may or may not have wanted you to feel like you were missing out:) I'm not going to lie, I was shocked, near tears, but so satisfied by the end of the third book.


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