April 17, 2013

Apple Raisin Larabars

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This weekend has been pretty crazy. 

Saturday was Field Day for the Hunter's Safety Class.  I was NOT happy about it.  Hunting isn't my passion and now I had to read this 200 page book about it and spend 7 hours outside learning about guns and hunting?  What!  I don't hunt and now you want me to go expose myself to the whole world?  Yes, embarrassing as it is, that's why I did not want to do this.  So Friday night, at 9:30, I made Dad come and show me how to load a gun, because I was not going to be the dummy who didn't know how to. 

What is so ridiculous is that the whole reason people take this class is because they want to learn how to.  Its not a test on your already acquired skills, its designed to teach and help you.   I cannot stand feeling unprepared and I know that is why I was nervous - I didn't know what to expect and was not ready to adopt the "go with the flow" attitude.  But I enjoyed it.  Let's just say the instructors probably wouldn't have put me and my brothers together based on shooting accuracy, but it was a fun day.  It didn't drag because the instructors were passionate about what they were teaching and we got to trek over fields, shoot every type of gun possible and practice archery. 

I was prepared, just in case I didn't like the field day, I would at least have a really good snack.  Wasn't necessary, but hit the spot anyway!

Okay, and after that, I got to go watch Gracie qualify for Westerns!  Regionals was in Wichita and now she is going to compete with the best gymnasts of her level in the west coast.  Pretty cool, huh?  I was thrilled to finally get to see her compete.  Then we stayed up all night (well, part of the morning too: /) talking, doing . . . stuff, and having a blast.  I forget how much I miss her until we get together and then one night just isn't enough.  I love seeing her and she is way more energizing than any homemade Larabar.  She has to be!   

My grandma's sister dehydrates apples and gives them to us every Christmas so we have bags if them, but store bought should work just fine. Larabars traditionally use dates, but raisins work well with apples and are cheaper. I love it when your wallet is happy and so us your tummy. Fruit is so sweet naturally and these are crazy good. Eh, they might be kinda fallish, but we don't really have to go there. The base is in the raisins and almonds, but the oats add body and chewiness while the apples and cinnamon meld it all together. There are a bazillion jillion chocolate Larabar recipes out there, so I decided to try something different and was really pleased with the result.  

 So there was my weekend!  Guns, gymnasts and granola-ish larabars!  (Sorry, I just had to use the "g" theme!)

Apple Raisin Larabars
Recipe Source: The Sweet {Tooth} Life
Yield: 4-5 large bars

1/4 cup old fashioned oats (use certified gluten free oats to make this gluten free)
3 oz. almonds
3 oz. dried applies
3 oz. raisins
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
dash of nutmeg and allspice (optional)

Cover raisins and apples in water for a couple minutes.  Grind oats and almonds in a food processor until fine.  Drain apples and raisins and add to oats and almonds. Add cinnamon, (and nutmeg and allspice, if desired) and process until mixture pulls into a ball.  Add water by teaspoon if necessary (in case your fruit was really dry.)


  1. Your posts are always so engaging and fun to read. And your pictures are beautiful:) Keep it up!

  2. I love Lara Bars! Eat them all the time. These look wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I love LaraBars as well and ever since I figured out you can make them at home, I've been experimenting every time! They're so easy:)

  3. So why DID you take the hunter's safety class? My husband thinks I should take one sometime. For now, I'm happy to trot along behind him and his brothers in the field, trying my best to be quiet and not trip over dried cornstalks... Maybe someday!

    1. My dad wants me to go hunting with him and I can't shoot a gun once I turn sixteen unless I have a liscence. And I can't get that unless I have passed hunters safety. So I did it because I love my dad - and he loves hunting with his kids:)


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