March 28, 2013


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These past couple days have been fun.

Abigail, dad and I made whole wheat bread (that's why all my recent posts have whole wheat ... leftover ground wheat;) Grinding wheat, mixing ingredients, rolling dough - it's a fun way to spend time with Dad. He actually initiated it a couple years ago and the last couple Sundays, he and I have cranked out loaves of bread. Nothing smells as good as homemade bread.  Or cinnamon rolls!

Also, John Caleb and I smeared Secret "Fudge Brownie" Bars everywhere (well, I just got it on my fingers, he decided to become Picasso - chocolate style.) That tongue cracks me up!  

Speaking of brownies, my grandparents are here and my papa (who is the nicest person on earth, super mellow, never heard anything mean come out of his mouth - ever) came in while I was making the Fudge Swirled Peanut Butter Brownies for dinner.  He asked what I was making and I said brownies.  He said oh, I like brownies . . . but what is that?  I replied weakly that it was pumpkin - that was going in the brownies.  He had a progression of oh. Oooh. Ooooooh.  And then he quietly left.  I was afraid I had scarred him, but he ate them yesterday and (of course) pronounced them delicious.  But I agree with him on those.  I wouldn't have made some of my other stuff if I didn't believe they tasted completely normal.  Like the Secret "Fudge Brownie" Bars above.  However, my family still doesn't know what it is in them.  I offered to tell them and they immediately said "No!"  Hmmmm? 

In addiction to traditional bowling day, my grandparents took us to the Discovery Center. Despite it being in our home city, we had never been.  It was really good however.   The displays were well done and interactive and our favorite was a game where you picked how many cattle on how many square feet and how much grazing the land could handle and then how much money you made.  It became pretty competitive.  But our overall favorite was the show. It's a twenty minute video, but it has smoke and wind (that you could feel!)  and incredible photography and music. I want dry ice at my next party. So cool!  And upstairs they have this slide and tunnel next to a reading area. Since no one else was there, I ditched my shoes, sacrificed the knees of my jeans and crawled raced through those tunnels in an animated game of tag with my siblings. They definitely had the advantage but it was fun. Because there was practically no one there, it was a very enjoyable experience. Aside from the huge grubs on display. *shudder*  And with all museums, the occasional reference to evolution, but I've decided that's almost always inevitable.  We are indeed called to be in the world, but not of the world.  Starting April 1st, they have a traveling exhibit and when the weather is nice, they have a third story terrace you can go hang out on.  You could read, eat lunch, admire the scenery - unfortunately there was snow (Snow, snow go away, come again some other day . . . like December 24th) so we couldn't. 

Oh, another exciting thing!  We finished our school curriculum for 2012-2013!  Any classes we are a part of are obviously still going, but we celebrated our end of a year of studying history from creation to the Greeks with a Greek dinner!  I have long decided I could live off of Greek cuisine and last week solidified that.  That tzatziki (yogurt cucumber dip) on a pita with grilled pork!  Oh my goodness.  I ate it for three or four days straight.  Incredible stuff.  And those cheese filled philo (which is actually pronounced (f - eye- lo) dough.  So flaky and cheesy and crispy. 
And, I am very proud to say I finished chemistry!  Module #13 was going to be my reason for not graduating, but thank you Mom and this lady on YouTube for helping me pass! 


  1. Sounds so fun! I love how engaging it was, and I feel like I was there with you!!! Great job!

  2. OH, the movie was TOTALLY the best part!!!!

    1. We have been good! We have 3 weeks until we are done with this years school but the very next week we are starting right up again. We are doing geography with the Porters so we want to learn about China before we leave. :) What about you MF?

  3. Hey, Mary just been reading a lot of old posts and saw this one I have never been to the discovery center before where is it located?


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