January 23, 2013

Vacay Cookies

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Every year for the past couple years, my family has gone skiing in Colorado.  Instead of going during Spring Break, we take advantage of the flexibility of homeschooling and go when everyone else is slaving over algebra problems and chemistry solutions in school.  *evil laugh* 
This year, Elizabeth will begin skiing and we go to this certain place every year because their ski school instructors are really, really good.  It still amazes me those little bodies in those puffy snow suits can get going in the right direction with skis on their feet.  It is so cute, but to think that that was me! 

We bring meals to cook at our condo and there have been some consistent favorites.  Though this isn't a meal, I think we have made these cookies every time.  These Dishpan Cookies have a normal name and a plain Jane appearance, but they are addictive. 

We've had requests for the recipe many times.  And before you freak out at the amount of oil, realize this makes more than 6 dozen cookies (if you don't eat any dough, which never happens in our family)  They've got a delicious crunch from the corn flakes and a chewy sweetness from the brown sugar and oats.

Dishpan Cookies

~2 C. brown sugar
~2 C. white sugar
~2 C. oil
~3 eggs
~2 tsp. vanilla
Cream together.
~4 C. flour
~2 tsp. baking soda
~1 tsp. salt
~1 1/2 C. quick oats (old fashioned work as well.)
Add flour, baking soda, and salt until incorperated.  Stir in quick oats. 
~Add 4 C. Corn Flakes cereal and mix with hands.
Make into small balls and bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Notes:  The dough does not freeze very well.  I tried freezing it as a log, but it doesn't cut well - at all.  You get really crumbly balls that don't bake well on a cookie sheet, but are incredible microwaved.  Soft dough?  Yes please!  But I would stick with just making and baking.  The finished cookies freeze fine, although we don't do it very often.  These disappear really quickly:)
Also, you could probably reduce the oil and sugars.  I think we've done it on a couple occasions.

When we make cookies that make big batches like this, rolling all that dough can be tiresome.  Mom tends to get us functional gifts along with fun ones when she buys for our birthdays and Nathan received this handy-dandy cookie scoop a couple years ago and it has been loved since.

So there you go . . . while you are slaving over algrebra, I will be eating these cookies on the mountain.  You know, you could always enjoy these without going to Colorado . . . you could just eat them while doing algrebra!  Consider it a chemistry experiment.  A delicious one.


  1. Hey, did you know these are dairy free? I saw the recipe and was really excited because it will be perfect for my Sunday School students!!! I'm making these today! Can't wait! I'll let you know what they think! :)

    1. I had no idea, but thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Cornflakes, huh? Interesting. I wish I had more time and creativity to try all of these amazing recipes you post!


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