January 29, 2013


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If you don't any Apple products or aren't into that stuff, feel free to skip this post.  Don't worry, I won't take offense, a couple years ago I would've skipped this post too.

Driving to Keystone takes ten hours . . . and thats a long time in the car, even in a vehicle like the Sprinter.  Dad recieved an iPad a couple years ago as a gift and this trip, we got to use it for entertainment.  Honestly, I usually make fun of the people that tote around their iPads, taking videos and pictures with it.  Don't you know thats why they created point and shoot cameras?  I mean, people, the quality is pretty bad and where on earth are you going to put your iPad when you are riding rides at Silver Dollar City, or swimming at the beach?! 

Anway, we thankfully don't use the iPad for that.  But we did use it for games and Mom found some really good ones.  Since the iPad was the most coveted source of entertainment and incentive to have good attitudes, I thought I might as well share our family's favorite apps that we played on this trip.  Also, all of these are free.  My view on apps is, I spent enough money on the device itself, there is no way I am spending more money on an app when there is usually another one that is just as good and doesn't cost any money.  

The boy's favorites:  Deer Hunter Challenge.  Since they can't hunt in the car and geese flying over us sends them into a tizzy, this app satisfied their need to shoot a gun, even if it was on a screen. 

The girl's favorites:  They like both versions of Temple Run, Race Penguin, and Rat on a Snowboard.

My favorites:  Subway Surfer and Flow.

Then there is this game called Logos Quiz.  Mom and I thought it would be good for the girls, but it turned out it was challenging and fun for me and my parents.  It gives you a page of logos that you have to guess.  There are some obvious ones like McDonalds and then there are some really hard ones.  I definitely needed my parents help.  You have to try it to understand.  It is addicting.

While we still relied on our DVD players, (John Caleb loves Thomas the Tank Engine), the iPad was a very fun, very helpful addition to our trip. 

Next post:  The trip!


  1. I love all the apps you mentioned:) Particularly Temple Run or Flow. Even with just a list of apps you make it interesting! :) miss you! Can't wait for the next post about your trip

  2. Ooo I LOVE flow!!! Especially since I don't feel dumb after I play it... Have you tried flow bridges?? It's super fun!! How about cut the rope??? It's much more fun on the Ipad then on a ipod though... :)

    1. I agree . . . you can't play Flow on the iPod! And Savanna, I totally agree with you too! Games that are challenging are more rewarding and way more fun.

  3. I like Flow too ;). Personally, I think it's more fun to play games that have a little more mind challenge... :)

  4. Oh, I have soo many games on my ipod! I'll list a few...most of the ones that Mary Frances mentioned I have... Here are some games I love!
    Brick Breaker
    Farm Frenzy
    Hay Day
    100 Floors
    Dragon Story
    Pocket Frogs
    Bloons TD5
    Deer Hunt Reload

    Many more just can't think of them on the top of my head.

    And all the rest Mary Frances mentioned as well...

  5. Glad some technology helped keep everyone occupied on a long trip!


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