November 9, 2012

When it's okay to shove your mom . . .

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Welcome to the world of flag football!  Last night, I played "real" flag football for the first time in my life.  And it wasn't your average game either.  It pitted the homeschool moms against their daughters.

Oh yes!

But really, it was so much fun.  We spent two hours before the game rehearsing plays with our respective coaches and then at 6, began the game.  Defense was pretty straight forward:  Don't let them behind you!  But on offense, there were quite a few plays that looked like "real football."  (I never said they were executed like real football.)  My personal favorite was the reverse.  That was fun.

We never intercepted the ball, but Mrs. Moldrup caught us in the end zone.  A really funny memory was when both Mrs. Salts and Mrs. DeWolf caught the ball and neither was willing to let go.  They got the first down though!

In the end, no one got hurt and everyone had a great time.  The weather was perfect, absolutely gorgeous fall weather, and the atmosphere was definitly competetive.  I have to say, the moms had a bigger fan base, but the daughters did pull out the win.  Or did they?

With five seconds to go, the score was 26-14, in favor of the daughters.

But as the clock expired, the score was 26-27.

So who really won?  (Hint: It was a mom running the scoreboard.)

Mrs. Kraus practicing kicking.  Am I the only one impressed!? 


  1. :D It was so fun to watch! Do you want some of my pictures to post?

  2. Thanks for posting about this! I had wondered how this mother/daughter football game would go! I don't know if my mother and I would be brave enough to join it... I liked your comment about the plays looking official but not necessarily being executed in "real" football fashion. My husband comes from a football-loving family, so I need to keep learning about it! I think we will play at Thanksgiving - a little bit of a scary thought! :)

    Keep the posts coming!


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