November 29, 2012

The Secret to Looking Mature

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Get glasses!  My brother, Stephen, just got glasses yesterday.  I was afraid he would get teased by my other brothers (in fun, but still) or not like them or be insecure about them, but those fears were all unfounded.  He was so excited about them and has adjusted really well.

When I was told I had to get glasses, I went and cried in my room.  I don't remember why, honestly, but I did.  Then the night I got them, I would take them off and gently put them in my case and then hurriedly take them out again and bask in being able to see.  (This is at, like 9:00, way past my bedtime back then!)  Then I would take them off and put them, not on the bedside table, but in their case.  I also remember that first night, when I took them off and laid down, I could still feel them on my face.  Yeah, that was weird.  The next morning, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to put them on the minute I got up.  I laugh now, but it was a big deal.  I was the first child to get glasses!

I see Stephen doing some of the same things: making sure to take them off and put them on with two hands and putting them immediately in the case when he goes to bed.  I think glasses taught me about being responsible and about gently handling expensive things.  Stephen is embracing those lessons wholeheartedly and I am one proud big sister.

Here is how confident he is - he let me take pictures right off the bat!  I guess when I was eight, I didn't worry as much about how I looked either, so maybe I'm being a little excited.

But still, isn't he one handsome dude?

Last year . . .

Sorry, this is with my iPod, whereas the other one is with my mom's really nice camera.

I got lots of different comments when I got glasses.

Here are some of them . . .

"Wow. you look so old!"

"Are those . . .  new?"

"They make you look like a real big sister."  (What!?)

When my uncle got glasses, he was told, "They make you look mature."  Straight face, he asked, "So I wasn't before?"

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  1. Glasses are fun, and I often get comments on mine when I wear them because I usually wear contacts. It's more like a secret that way. :)


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